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33 Years of Serving the Coachella Valley

Packer Insurance Services has helped business and individuals alike navigate the insurance industry in the Coachella Valley for 33 years. We pride ourselves on building relationships with every client, which in turn allows us to develop benefit packages which suit the personal and financial needs of their business, as well as those of every employee on their staff. In order to accomplish this, we broker with every insurance carrier in the state of California so that we have every tool possible to meet each clients needs… no matter how specific!

Packer Insurance Excels in Customer Service

With an experienced, knowledgeable and fully licensed staff of five, we excel in customer service and pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and cheerfully respond to our clients and resolve their issues by 5pm each day. In addition to product knowledge and the capability to resolve escalated service issues, we are extremely involved in continuing education. Packer Insurance is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of all product and regulation changes in the industry.

Insurance is Our Full Time Job…Not Yours!

The insurance industry can be quite confusing and overwhelming. Business owners, human resource personnel and office managers often find the task of maintaining cost effective, rich benefits daunting. In addition to the constant evolution of the industry's regulations, each independent carrier's plans, rates and rules continue to change as well. Therefore, coordination of benefits, financial strategies, and the rules of compliance become a full time job for those whose skills are best utilized by serving the company that employs them. At Packer Insurance Services, we believe your time and talents should be directed towards the growth and success of your business so that you can realize your dreams. That is why we are involved in every step of the way! From providing personalized quotes for your business (and each employee), to creating personalized, individual enrollment kits for your staff and all future new hires, to enrollment meetings, handling the paperwork for your group's application, keeping your group compliant, meeting all new hires, assisting with questions regarding claims, benefits and bills, maintaining a copy of your records so that you do not have to, etc.- we excel at offering friendly, personalized service from start to finish. After all, insurance is our full time job, not yours!

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